II International Congress on Cyberjournalism

University of Oporto 09-10 December 2010

  • Portuguese version

  • Contact us

    Email: obciber@gmail.com
    Tel. 223 393 667
    Fax. 223 393 668
    Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº 8
    4050-453 Porto
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Signing up

To sign up for the II International Cyberjournalism Congress, send an e-mail to obciber@gmail.com, with your name, address and e-mail and chosen type of subscription.

The first stage of subscription (with lower prices) ends on the 30th September. The second stage ends on the 30th November.

Payment is presential, on the first day of congress, unless you prefer to do it via banking transference, before the beginning of the congress. If you choose the latter option, request the NIB/IBAN through the same e-mail.

Types of subscription and deadlines: value until the 30th September (and until 30th November)

  • University of Oporto students – 5€ (5€)
  • Students of other universities – 10€ (20€)
  • Participants with presentation – 25€ (35€)
  • Participants without presentation – 30€ (40€)

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